Haiti 2010

How to Donate

I'm currently bringing a group of 12 silicon valley physicians and nurses to fly to Haiti to serve from Feb 15-21 with the Foursquare Church of Haiti, an independent body (from the US denomination). The President of this organization is Pastor Guy Thomas who welcomes us to come. Haitian Foursquare Church consist of 7 Churches and one orphanage.

We will stay in Jimani, Santo Domingo and cross into Haiti daily to provide care in the tent camps along the way to Port-Au-Prince.

We will provide short-term outpatient week-long opportunities to serve, the next of which will be 3/15/10. The purpose is to provide medical relief while demonstrating local silicon valley health IT and green tech solutions to improve disaster medical aid. Our logistics are coordinated by Randy Roberson of Telehelp.org and Jesse Mendoza of Jordan International Aid. Some are being flown there by Angel Flight West, courtesy of Alaska Airlines' donation. Currently, donations can be made to Abundant Life Christian Fellowship, a 501c3 and I am planning on being able to receive donations through this new 501c3 I'm setting up for my medical relief work. 100% of donations will go to current mission needs, currently Haitians.

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